It is a tough Rental Market Right Now, and due to that, several people of ill-repute are masquerading as property owners/managers/brokers to take advantage of desperate or earnest renters looking for a place to live. 

Shidler Development Inc has long established rules that are for your safety and ours

When Looking at Properties, Know that Shidler Development Property Management

  • Does NOT Accept Cash for Rental Properties/ Rental Deposits

  • Does NOT Require you to “Go to our bank and deposit money/cash”

  • Does NOT Perform Western Union / MoneyGram Transactions

  • Does NOT Perform transactions through Private Bank Accounts 
    (ie: Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc).

  • Does NOT Utilize “@gmail.com / @yahoo.com / @hotmail.com” for ANY business purposes.

  • Does NOT Perform Business Transactions “in [the] parking lot of [the] office

If it does not have a paper trail that can be directly linked and recalled, do not perform the action or surrender money. Several people have been tricked as the rental market has become more competitive preying upon the fierceness of competition between potential renters.

Do not fall Prey to a Con-Artist:

Anyone with a "RobinWShidler@gmail account is not Robin Shidler.
Do not be fooled by "similar looking" emails such as "EmployeeName.SDI@gmail" or "Rent.Shidler@gmail" 
Do not Send information or ANY funds to "RobinWShidler@gmail.com" or a @yahoo.com  or other deceptively worded email account (examples include, but are not exclusive to: @sdiirent.com or @sddirent.com, ssdirent.com, etc--).
This holds true for all other rental companies. If business can not be dealt with in person, do not surrender funds.

We understand this is confusing, but please use best practices to keep you and your information safe. Shidler Development can not be held responsible for information given to third parties, or information gained via third party sites.

Please use precaution.

If you feel you have made contact with a person imitating a real estate professional or misusing a Real Estate License email:

With Information as to:
  • Website or Other Method you gained contact,
  • Date of Contact attempt(s)
  • Telephone numbers used
  • Property in question


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Broker/Agent does not guarantee the accuracy of the square footage, lot size or other information concerning the conditions or features of the property provided by the seller or obtained from Public Records or other sources. Buyer is advised to independently verify the accuracy of all information through personal inspection and with appropriate professionals. Information on this site is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. | California Bureau of Real Estate Corporate License No. 00877304