At Shidler, We Keep It Simple

Owning an Income Property isn't always a simple task-- so let's start this easy:

zero upfront charges

How much more simple is it than that?

No Upfront Charges

A lot of other companies charge you for the privilege of having them market and manage your property, even when it isn't rented. 
You'll see we don't believe that is always the best option.
We believe that when you want full service management, you mean full service.

Full Service

Zero Upfront
No Charge Till Leased
$0 Set Up Fee
$0 Yearly Fee
$0 While Vacant
Tenant Doesn't Pay, You Don't Pay




We are the aspirin to the headache of being a property owner

Our Job is to handle the daily headaches so you can sit back and relax-- you have better things to do with your time than worry about the daily problems of owning an investment property like:

  • Did the Tenant Pay Rent?
    On top of it.
  • Did the Lawn get Mowed?
    Don't worry about it.
  • Did I remember to pay the HOA?
    We got it.
  • How do I pick a Tenant?
    Let your A-Team Handle that for you with a less than 3% default rate
  • Accounting, Tax Reporting, Trust Fund Handling!?
    Piece of Cake.
  • What if there is a property problem, I mean that water heater is pretty ol--
    --We've already fielded the maintenance request call and have a field agent on their way to the site, Don't Worry.

These and 1001 other questions and worries-- gone.




All Digital: Never In the Dark

It is no simple task managing and marketing your property... That is unless you have the right team in place-- then it is a breeze. 
The trick is having an experienced and professional property management company can make owning (and profiting from!) rental properties a hassle-free experience

You don't stay successful at property management for over 50 years without embracing a few things...

Take for Example Our Advanced Secure Owner's Portal:

With it you are always able to check your rent balance, maintenance records, and other day to day operations of your property, be you renting the home, or owning the investment, You stay connected 24/7 to insure you always know what is going on with advanced (bank-like) level encryption to your account information.

With Regular Exterior Inspections make it so you can observe your investment online.

We make sure you can be as involved in day to day actions like you are in town- or you can.....


Still need to learn a little more?

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Build Your Investment Plan

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